Family Portrait Clothing Tips

One of the most challenging tasks for family portraits can be the choice of clothing and its theme. It should be reflection of the family’s mindset, psyche and values. Moreover, it can also represent the occasion they are having the photo session for. In a nutshell, the choice of the clothing can prove to be tougher than finding the right photographer himself. It should be noted that these are not just the random photos but it is going to be a collection of memories that you are going to have on your walls. You will be able to look at them, recollect the past moments and rejoice every bit of it. Thus, it is really important that you take every fine step to have the family portraits captured in the best possible manner. Choice of the clothing is one of the most important factors that contribute in making the family portraits up to the mark.

Keeping in mind the utmost need of recommendations for the clothing, we have compiled a list of suggestions that you can follow in order to get the most out of your family portrait sessions.

  1. Coordinate the Colors

It is an old concept to match the colors. The best way to deal with it, is by coordinating the colors rather than the going to match them. This can prove to be really helpful as it brings out your personality in a better way compared to the usual steps.

  1. Have synergy with the environment

The choice of colors and clothing should be made in such a way that it blends really well with the environment. Moreover, having a good blend with the environment complements the portrait in a very positive way.

  1. Use accessories

To bring out the photography theme for the family portraits or add more color to your picture – you can always use the accessories. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged that you use the accessories. This is one of the best methods in adding more style to the portraits.

  1. Eliminate the Distractions!

Now, you might be asking yourself that how can the clothes be distracting? Yes, they can definitely be distracting. For example, too much patterns on the clothing can cause distraction and lack of focus. Thus, it is advised that the choice of clothing should be made in such a way that it distracts no one.

  1. Browse the Clothing Collections

While purchasing the clothes for the family portrait session, it is really important that you pay special attention to the clothing collections. They should be in perfect synergy with the theme of the session.

  1. Spend some time on planning

Whenever the session has been booked, you might want to start thinking right away. Take some time in checking the purchased clothes and exert yourself to perfect everything. This includes the cleanliness of the clothes, their details, design and other relevant details.


  1. Represent yourself and your family

It is important that you represent yourself and your family in the best possible manner. You wouldn’t want to dress up as someone you don’t really represent. Keep it simple, plain and non-distracting.

  1. Say no to black or white

This is because of the fact that black and white colors blow out parts of your clothes. This results in them to lose the details which are otherwise necessary to be catered for. Thus, black and white should be avoided and simple dress with a pattern should be chosen.

  1. Go for the textures

For the family portrait sessions, it is recommended that the textures are chosen. Make a merger of different types of textures to get the most out of the clothing experience. It will definitely brighten up the captured images.

  1. Never forget the background

Background and environment plays a very important role in any photograph. Particularly for clothing, it is really important that a strong connection is developed between the background and the clothing in such a way that it highlights your personality and allows the photographer to capture the moment in the best possible manner.

  1. Think for long term

Do not focus the theme of the session into a particular frame of time and don’t go too specific with the fashion trends in clothing. These photographs will be there with you for long time and you would want them to adhere to the situation regardless of the time.

Tips for Preparing For Your Family Portraits

You cannot ignore this fact that the family photo sessions are one of the toughest and most challenging tasks in the world of photography. This toughness is not only for the family but also for the photographer as well. However, this toughness can considerably be eradicated by preparing the family in an efficient and professional manner. In this regard, we have compiled some tips and techniques which can help you in preparing the family members for their photo session.

  1. The Family Members have to choose the Clothing Carefully

This is really important that all the family members are dressed in such outfits that make them feel attractive and comfortable. Browse for the options then go for a particular theme. If the family loves sports then they might want to dress up in a way that shows their passion for sports. Light colors are preferred in this regard. Moreover, there should be a proper coordination between the color choices. On top of that, the incorporation of accessories in the clothes complements the overall design and aids the photographer in capturing the family photos in a better way.

  1. Tell the family members that they should rest well before the photo session

Ensure that the photo session time does not coincide with the bedtime of the children. Moreover, everyone should be well rested and well fed before the session. This will make sure that they look good in the photographs and their attention is not diverted. Moreover, the time of the session should be chosen that everyone looks really fresh and energetic. A healthy snack before the photo shoot can really cheer up the faces.


  1. The Family should have Plenty of Time for the Preparations

Having plenty of time to get ready ensures that all of the minute details of the preparation are covered. Getting dressed in a rush leaves you confused about the fact that are all the details covered or not. Moreover, spending time to get ready and dressed puts you in a more confident and relaxed state that everything has been done right. If you have spent enough time in dressing up and getting ready then you can clearly see the results.

  1. Cheer up the Dads

It is really important that the dads are in a cheerful state. In general circumstances, it is seen that dads dread the family photo session. This should not be the case, if you really want to get the most out of the family photo session. So, cheer up the dads because it will lighten up the whole family session and everyone including the dad will look great in the photographs.

  1. Do not go for conventional methods of cheering up

One of the most common methods of cheering people up is by asking them to say cheese and capturing their photograph. This is not right. It makes the photographs look unnatural and forced. Instead of this, it is recommended that all the family members urged to be cheerful and enjoy the moment. While they are enjoying, you might want to capture their photograph.

  1. Enjoy with the family

Do not be so formal while having the photo session. Encourage the family to enjoy. Cheer them up and allow them to get the most out of their personal time and session. While they are in the moment, enjoying the company of each other and relishing every bit of this scenario – it’s time when you should capture them. This will ensure that you capture a joyous, energetic and natural pose of the family that they’d be able to relate to in the future.

  1. Be Creative about the Ideas

You might want to go for something that brings creativity to the family portraits. Design an activity and tell the family to get engaged in it. While they are busy relishing every moment of the intriguing activity, you would want to capture them in the best possible manner.

  1. Tell the family to be natural

In conventional practices of taking family portraits, people think that they always have to look at the camera and smile. Just let them know that this is not the case and all they have to be is cheerful and natural. Best way is to engage them in an interesting activity that would make them happy while you can photograph them.